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Mission & Values



We are a Catholic community.

Our sharing of the Eucharist

and the Word challenges us to:

live the message of Jesus,

love and respect all people,

serve the poor, and

work for peace and justice.

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Liturgical Life: Worship is central to the life of our community and we dedicate our talents and resources to it.


Spiritual Development: The strength of our community is based on the spiritual vitality of our members.


Inclusivity: We are open and welcoming to all.


Education: We deepen our knowledge through the education of our members and

the wider community.


The Arts: We promote and support creative artistic expression.


Commitment to the City: Our history and our presence in Cleveland call us to serve our neighbors in need.


Friendship: We value time together and promote bonds of personal support.


Collaboration and Partnering: We strive to cooperate with others to fulfill our mission.


Ecumenical and Inter-religious Dialogue: We honor the contributions of faith communities across our society and seek greater understanding and cooperation with them.

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