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Community is more than a name for us. It is our mission.


The name “Community of Saint Peter” was conceived between a historic downtown parish just blocks from the diocesan cathedral and a renovated warehouse space in Cleveland’s Midtown corridor. 

A people of faith by that new name resolved to nurture and provide for one another.


On August 15, 2010, the Community of Saint Peter gathered for the first time around a new table in an old space. Here we would convene weekly “to preserve and renew a living tradition.” Here we would pledge to welcome everyone with appreciation, mercy, and respect. Here we would collaborate to discern and forge a future.

The Eucharist feeds us; the Word informs us; our curiosity and imagination lead us, and service keeps us mindful of our humble beginnings.

We believe the same Spirit that guided us to this place, will abide with us and accompany us into the future.

CSP community
Transparency is a Value
Leadership and Governance

The Spirit engages and speaks through every member. Because our board of trustees is elected by the membership, everyone participates in determining our path forward, how resources are allocated, and how needs are met. Several committees oversee the ministries, initiatives, education, and service.

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Because we are located in a rented space, more of our resources can be directed toward outreach and service. Five percent of our annual budget is awarded annually in grants to worthy nonprofits at home and abroad.


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