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The Community of Saint Peter Launches Its New Website

It is with little fanfare but great satisfaction that we can finally announce that our new Community of Saint Peter web site is up and running. We still have to link the homily archives to the site. We are also featuring a Forum in which members will be able to share thoughts on subjects of their choosing, and a Blog will be posting items of interest. The Member Directory will have to be built by the members themselves over time. You can wade in whenever you feel adventurous. Just click on the link below, and click on “Sign up” at the right in the menu on top. This will require your email and a password, but this is the only way into the member directory. None of the data therein will be available to non-member visitors to the site. Check it out and start re-building our new member directory. We still have to link the homily archives to the site.

Have a look. There is plenty in place to explore.

Above you will see a new “mark” that will begin to identify us on various social media platforms, in our newsletters, on our Sunday worship aids, and more. Marketing folks call it a “brand” or a “logo.” That sounded a little too commercial to me, so I prefer calling it a “mark.” Our “mark,” the mark of our Community.

Now that this platform is in place, we can make sure it has no “leaks” and functions properly. We are filling up the calendar and adding to the events. You can register for events simply by clicking on the event in the calendar. You will find the calendar at the bottom of all the pages, in the “footer.” Links and reminders will be sent automatically once the registration for the event is open.

We will also be able to accept donations from members or visitors on our GIVE page. You are free to test the donation feature as often as you like. (Please note we will still be passing the basket on Sundays when we return!!)

This site was designed, not just to serve the needs of our members, but to capture the attention of others, those outside the Community who are looking for a Eucharistic Community. The new site will tell our story and provide visitors information they seek and an invitation to look for more. Feel free to let others know we are sporting something new for 2021.

We realize that not everyone will be pleased with every aspect of the new site, but we are not naive to believe that we will please everyone all of the time. Let’s give the new site a chance to get acquainted with us.

There are many people to thank for their contribution to what turned out to be a very long process. We will compile the list and let you know who helped us through the creative and arduous challenge of putting the Community online with a new face.

What do you think of our new look?
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1 Comment

Jan 12

I like the new look of the site very much! Thanks for the effort.

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